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Painting and Illumination Sculpture Applied  


A selection of works from Gothic France 1230-1330
Preview - Saturday 16 March 2019, 1700 to 19.30, thereafter by appointment until 26 March.

This selling exhibition, complemented by loans from a private collection, is dedicated to Opus Francigenum, a term that refers to the renewed Gothic style(s) that flourished during the reign of Saint Louis from 1226 on and which was an important component of the perception of the time that the old Royal Domain of the Capetians had come of age and cemented its position as the leading artistic and intellectual light of the century. This exhibition shows a calvary St John from the inception of this period, c. 1235, - perhaps the only monumental figure in oak from ile de France or the adjacent north extant from that period - as well as several works from its end, generally placed around the accession of Philippe le Bel, Louis’s grandson, who presided over a different and more precious style, a style which, despite its unparalleled fluidity, returned to a more graphic representation of the familiar themes from Christ’s life, represented here by a John the Baptist from the early 14th century. In between, around 1280, can be placed a pair of small apostles in fruitwood from a ‘college apostolique”, probably made in northern France for an important establishment of which nothing remains today, such as the Abbey of Anchin. These undocumented figures are perhaps the closest and earliest expressions in wood of that extraordinary fruition of sculptural or fully three-dimensional gothic genius embodied some decades earlier in ivory by the Sainte-Chapelle Virgin and the Deposition group in the Louvre.

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